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Building a Smarter Future (Smart City)

ID GLOBAL CORP is a publicly traded (OTC: IDGC) diversified holdings company, which seeks to acquire and consolidate the Smart City (IoT) 4.0 industry. Our acquisitions are structured as a partnership subsidiary, we assist with the growth and development of these businesses with the goal of maximizing their value prior to an exchanged listed spinoff. We look to consolidate and roll up the highly fragmented new Internet of Things (IoT) applications and 4.0 industries which enable Smart City development. Our products and services provide the ability to remotely monitor, manage and control devices, and to create new insights and actionable information
from real-time data. With the use of sensors and data analysis we look to connect intelligence, efficiency and a better, smarter way of life.

Our Parent company is Liberty Capital Group, Inc. headquartered in San Diego, California USA, America’s Finest City. For over a decade, Liberty Capital Group has provided Small Business Funding in California and across the nation. As a trusted Small Business Funding specialist, LCG has helped small business owners access quick, reliable, and hassle-free small business loans. As a stakeholder in the American Dream, Liberty Capital Group makes it possible for any business to compete and grow in today’s economy.

ID GLOBAL CORP success is directly related with the success of our businesses and our partner
management teams. We adopt a hands-on approach and collaborate with our partners to establish and successfully execute operating procedures and results. Operating collectively and proactively, we take a one-firm approach, working together towards a common goal. We invest heavily in the development of highly capable, results driven people, able to lead by example for the benefit of all.

Our Mission (Drive Economic Growth)

“The overarching mission of a smart city is to optimize city functions and drive economic growth while improving quality of life for its citizens using smart technology and data analysis.” We plan on being at the forefront within every vertical and leading the development and vision of the 4.0 Industry.

Our development of IoT communication technologies, platforms and services make smart cities easier to design, build and manage. Today’s IoT propositions have both breadth, in terms of being applicable to multiple markets within the smart city, but also depth in terms of proven technologies, security and design for scalability.

Strategy Overview

A city consists of various systems and services spread across several vertical categories such as:

Safety:              Street Lighting, Crowd Control, CCTV

Transport:         Public Transport, Traffic Management, Parking

Healthcare:       Disease Control, Emergency Response, Patient Authentication

Environment:   Water Quality, Air Quality, Weather Sensing, Flood Control

Utilities:           Smart Metering, Waste Management, Sewerage

With our ongoing commitment to in-house research and development growth and our executive subsidiary expansion plan in connectivity and the Internet of Things (IoT) we will be able to deliver affordable, scalable, secure and proven services and technologies that can address individual, business and city goals.”


at the parent level will be responsible for and consolidate financials, accounting,
human resources, branding and marketing, capital markets and capital raising functions. Our partners and management teams will share in regular “subsidiary resources” especially intellectual capital, knowledge and vision, collectively developing new products, services and businesses.


Each Subsidiary Partnership will continue to manage and grow their business under the collective strength of our umbrella. As a group collectively allocating and deploying our resources for the growth and success of each partnership but for the betterment of the Parent.


Cities are always evolving and in a state of constant change from the growth in population to the
redevelopment of old to new infrastructure. To create opportunities for economic growth, a city needs to build the right operating environment for its businesses and engage its citizens with meaningful local services.

Advances in communications technologies, exemplified in the growth and success of the Internet of Things (IoT), create an opportunity for cities to manage issues, reinvent themselves and connect both their infrastructure and their citizens together. By harnessing connectivity, a city can benefit from both improved services and lower costs across a myriad of domains from waste collection to water quality to management of deliveries and authentication of citizens for smart services and travel.


The Internet of Things (IoT) is estimated at 35 billion devices serving 7 billion people will be connected to the Internet by 2020. That means a significant amount of data will be transferred, downloaded, uploaded, etc., every second of every day. Keeping with this workload will be a primary focus for data centers.

The increasing need for data storage due to the influx of data from IoT devices will require data centers to reconfigure their server farms to handle wider and more diverse data flows. IoT can help optimize strategic operations at data centers and provide automation.